Establishing a relationship of trust is central to Mark’s process with each client. After spending over a decade as a friend and legal counsel to several professional basketball players, Mark Bryant became an official NBA agent in 2009. He uses his legal expertise and personal passion for sports to represent the needs and interests of professional athletes. Mark puts a world-wide network of resources and experts at his client’s disposal to address the largest or smallest concern. Please click to review the Media page for more details.

Mark has assisted Chris “Birdman” Andersen in several capacities over the years and was there when Chris’ team, the Miami Heat, won the NBA Championship in 2013. As a friend, Mark encouraged Chris to persevere during hard times in addition to standing by him as his legal representative. Mark went on the offensive and coordinated a public relations campaign to inform Chris’ fans about the truth after the media prematurely released details of a pending investigation. Watch ESPN’s “Who is the Birdman?”.

Scott “The Sheriff” Parker was one of the NHL’s most formidable enforcers during his 10 year professional career. Mark Bryant is currently representing Scott in a class action suit for benefits to address the medical problems caused by his hard-hitting career. Scott and Mark have more in common than their combat sports backgrounds – both are active with charity. Scott relates well to wounded military veterans and founded Parker’s Platoon to support their transition back to civilian life. More about “The Sheriff.”

Mark Esquire is a fighter both inside and outside the courtroom. He is a fourth degree black-belt in Taekwondo who was one of the coaches to help Team USA win second place honors in the 1999 Istanbul competition. Mark’s experience with taekwondo has shaped both his career and lifestyle. He has traveled the world and made international connections as an emissary for the sport. Martial arts training also lends itself to being an effective lawyer by practicing focus, patience and strategy for self-defense.


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