Over the course of his successful law career, Mark has developed relationships with a variety of wealthy individuals and families. Today, Mark Esq. puts a special emphasis on the needs of affluent families, helping to develop a lifestyle and investment strategy that will serve both present and future generations. He prides himself in being a resource and a trusted partner for each one of his clients, whether through legal representation and trust litigation, management of assets, or lifestyle facilitation.

Mark Bryant refers to Denver, Colorado as his backyard and has developed a network of friends, professional partners, and experts in dozens of fields and industries. Mark has also been able to travel the world for business. Through his travels he has built an international family that serves as an inspiration, guide, and one of his greatest assets. Mark is well connected both in Denver and to communities around the globe.  He uses this network to take care of the many needs and concerns of his Family C.E.O. clients. 

Mark has personally directed the construction and management of large estates, privately owned jets, full staff, exotic car collections in excess of one hundred vehicles, and business and real estate transactions worth millions of dollars. As an investment advisor, Mark builds a personal relationship with his clients and becomes familiar with their lifestyle, goals and needs. He earns trust by respecting the privacy of their families and develops strategies to help clients achieve their goals.

Mark understands that affluent individuals are often busy and overstretched. His job is to simplify their lives by managing the details so they can enjoy spending time with their loved ones. Mark is proud to have long-standing relationships with entrepreneurs, business owners, private wealth managers, portfolio managers, non-profit organization and friends. These relationships are critical resources for preservation and growth of his clients' assets, and maintaining their family legacies.

Recipient of the Million Dollar
Trial Lawyers™ Award

Million Dollar Trial Lawers Badge

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