Client Testimonials

Mark has impacted the lives of hundreds of clients through successful, knowledgeable legal representation as well as children and families struggling with poverty through his work with various charitable organizations.  If you were hurt in a work or car accident and you need an attorney you can trust to have your best interest at heart regardless of the situation, contact us today. Mark is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients and find a solution even when it seems to be against all odds. Take a look at what clients and partners have said about him:

Putting Family First in a Hard-Won Case
"Mark took my case in September of 2014 when I was told by several attorneys that what I needed done could not be accomplished.  We appeared in court on multiple occasions and indeed what I had previously heard appeared to be policy. That is when Mark and his staff engaged "outside the box," and today what could not be done, and was contradictory to policy happened. I am certain that this might be a common occurrence for Mark and his staff, however; for me, my significant other and child to be it was a life changer. My citizenship was at stake based on the outcome of my case and being together with my family for emotional and financial support was at risk. It was hard not to embrace Mark right there in the courtroom this morning, but the minute we stepped outside the door we shared that human element that is rarely seen in professionals of his caliber. "
- Name withheld for privacy
Standing Up Against What’s Wrong with the System
Since you have come into our lives and supported us with these legal issues it has taken a ton off our minds.  I felt so comfortable with you from the first contact I had with you on the phone that I knew you were the man to get the job done.  You would not believe all the attorneys I contacted, and it was all about money…  The judge would address James as a monster, leaving us with what’s wrong with the system. I prayed every Sunday in church for a good person to help us out, and it was you. Mark won this case and James won custody of his son Matthew. Mark’s hard work on this case prevented James from losing everything. He was facing seven charges and life in prison! Mark's efforts over the last two years ended in a plea to a simple misdemeanour. Mark's care, legal knowledge, and refusal to fold simply saved his life. On behalf of my entire family we are forever in your debt! Thanks never enough!
-Roger, Karen, James, and Matthew
Earning a Second Chance
"Impossible, life long ramifications, unavoidable, inevitable and someone forgot to tell you! What we experienced in Court last week you said was a miracle.  It is not a coincidence Mark that you find a way! Bless you, your staff, and family! We will never forget!"
- Name withheld for privacy
Fighting High End Criminal Charges
"Mr. Bryant I saw you on TV a few weeks ago on a difficult and emotional case. You are obviously a man at the top of your profession capable of great compassion and empathy. I commend you and send strength to all associated."
- Name withheld for privacy
Can’t Recommend Enough
"When my daughter was clobbered on her bike, we went with Mark Bryant. He got shit done. No grass under his feet. I can't recommend him enough. His resume is long and solid."
- Name withheld for privacy
Expressing Gratitude
"I'm honored to have met you, I cannot express my gratitude to you and your staff adequately. I'm humbled by your passion and dedication. I love you for all your help."
- Name withheld for privacy
Compassion, Courage & Commitment
"I'm again eternally grateful to you. I slept for the 1st time in 358 days peacefully with my kids by my side. I own that to you and your compassion, courage and commitment to defend me."
- Name withheld for privacy

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